Get your golf handicap index with ease

Online platform to update your handicap index after every round
 based on World Handicap System


For golfers and golf clubs / associations

Post your golf scores with ease

Post a Total Score, Hole-by-Hole Score, or a Hole-by-Hole Score with Stats.


Snapshot view of your rounds, handicap index, best handicap index, best round and more


Track your number of Putts, Greens in Regulation, and Driving Accuracy after posting your Hole-by-Hole score with stats.

Inbuilt course data

Inbuilt course data related to course rating, slope rating, par and stroke index of over 30,000 golf courses to post your score with ease.

Peer Review

Facilitates the process of peer review, player scoring records are accessible to all other members of the golf club.

Score submission by authorized players

Scores can be posted online by other golfers on authorization by the player.

Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC)

PCC to determine how much harder or easier the golf course played that day.

Auto combine 9 Hole Scores

A 9-hole acceptable score combines with another 9-hole score automatically to create an 18-hole score.

Soft Cap and Hard Cap

Limit on upward movement of a Handicap Index within a defined period of time.

Exceptional Score Adjustments

Applies additional adjustments to a player’s Handicap Index when an exceptional score is submitted.

Net Double Bogey

Net Double Bogey sets a maximum hole score on any hole for handicap purposes.

Maximum Handicap Index

To be inclusive and accessible, the maximum Handicap Index is set at 54.0 for all players.